Jommeke, explained

Today, Jef Nys (pronounced Jeff Nice) died, at the age of 82. “F*ck that”, you might say, “who was this Jeff Nice anyway?”.
Well, do not despair my friendly foreign friend. I’m here to tell you about his most famous creation: Jommeke.

Jommeke en zijn vrienden (by houbi)

Jommeke is a small guy in short trousers. Lives in a cartoon. He has a hairdo we lovingly refer to as the planting pot. Zis ies great joke about hairdressers.

His pet is called Flip. It is a parrot, and it can talk. Zis ies great joke about the heir to our throne, Philip of Belgium.

His best friend is Filiberke. Also in short trousers. These 2 friends are inseparable. Zis ies great joke on homosexuality.

Filiberke also has a pet. A black dog, named Pekkie. Zis ies great joke about black people.

They have also two girlfriends. They are called Annemieke and Rozemieke. They are twins. Even though you’d think that Jommeke + Filiberke + these blonde twins would make for some great foursome action, there is no such thing in the Jeff Nice world. You have to read Pommeke for that.

Annemieke and Rozemieke are also heavy into petting. They have a monkey. The name of this monkey is Choco. Zis ies a great joke about Nutella(tm).

There is also one adult guy on their team, called Professor Gobelijn. He is always forgetting to finish his lines, or words up mixes. Even though so obviously stupid, he still manages to invent stuff such as a flying barrel, a flying bubble or flying eggs. Which he then lends to the kids to fly off in. Zis ies great joke about #balloonboy Falcon Heene.

Their nemesis and archenemy is the bald and hook-nosed character Anatool. He is always plotting on things to get rich quickly. This is great joke about Jews.

Sometimes good, sometimes bad are Kwak & Boemel. They live drunkenly in a hole under the ground, and have lots of speech impediments. Zis ies great joke about homeless people.

His parents are called Theofiel (godloving) and Marie (mary). Zis ies a great joke on the immaculate conception. Also, these two are dumbwits that don’t ever go on the adventures with the kids. This is a great joke on liberal education.

Together they live through all kinds of funny adventures, as you might have established by the cast of characters already. Spoiler: Jommeke and friends always make it alive + unharmed + psychologically stable.

Jommeke covers (by houbi)

Some of the highlights among the 200+ Jommeke adventures:

  • 28: De Samsons (a great joke about dirty hippies and Studio 100)
  • 30: Jommeke in de Far West and 106: Zoete Mosterd (great joke about Native Americans)
  • 32: In pimpeltjesland (a great joke about midgets)
  • 38: Gaatjes met kaas (a great joke about Dutchies)
  • 80: De njam-njam-bloem (a great joke about Africans)
  • 86: De lustige slurvers (a great joke about giant schlongs. No homo.)
  • 130: Het geheim van Ambiorix (ies a great joke about Limburgers)
  • 140: De Chinese kast (contains many a great joke about chinks)
  • 155: De kleine vandaal (a great joke about de Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and hangjongeren)
  • 156: De superster (a great joke about Britney Spears)
  • 162: De zwarte parel (a great joke about towelheads)
  • 165: Spagetti met kaas (a great joke about Spics)
  • 166: De mandoline van Caroline (a great joke about Caroline Gennez)
  • 213: Zeven sterren (a great joke about Peter Goosens and Sergio Herman)
  • 215: De Kimono van Yamamatsu (a great joke about Japs)

Every youngster in Flanders grew up reading the comic books of Jommeke (and Tintin). You could say that Jeff Nice made us into the fine and prospering, tolerant society we are today. If you want to truly understand the right-winged and humurous people of Flanders, you have to read Jommeke.
Rest in Peace, Mr. Nice.

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