If you had asked me 5 years ago if I ever thought I would be a swinger, I would have laughed straight in your face. It wasn’t until I had children myself that I started to fully appreciate the swinging lifestyle. Once we had bought ourselves a sexy swing set and had attached it to a tree with some ropes, we were all set to go.

Here are some explicit photos of a recent swinger party in our garden:

Maud schommelt

It sure is a lot of fun!
Usually we don’t plan things ahead, we just improvize if the opportunity comes along and swing until one of us feels he had enough. With Maud, that is always me. She just doesn’t want to stop, never…

Maud op de schommel

Swinging with blacks, swinging with whites. I’ve done it all…

Daan schommelt

Girls like swinging, boys enjoy it too… (this was in October, as you can see the trees still had their leaves).

Don’t hesitate to give it a try yourself, it’s not nearly as awkward an experience as you’d think. Just push it. Or get pushed, if that is the thing that turns you on. Swinging might be just the thing for you. An exciting new experience. Woohoo!
And if you or your partner don’t approve: just think “To each his own, live and let live”.


(Actually, this was a post just to show of the two recent photos of Maud on her swing, but I might try and lure in a few Google searchers in doing so, no?)

6 gedachten over “Swingers

  1. I’m pretty sure that you will attract the wrong kind of people.
    If you do it on purpose : it’s your blog and your server.
    But to place pictures of your children in that same post… nah


  2. To Anne (and because there’s no 😉 in his comment also to Bart): I admit I hesitated a full 2 seconds above the publish button. “Is this acceptable?”, I thought.
    I’m aware that swinging can also mean “moving rhythmically to a musical beat”, and am fully aware of the negative consequences of exposing young children to that. Swinging … Music … Rock’n’Roll … Drugs … you cannot protect your kids long enough from those evils. I’m sorry if that connotation of the word swinging in conjunction with my kids offended you.

    😉 , for clarity…


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