Hot (dog) or not?

Quiz: One of these girls is not eating a hot-dog, but an altogether different kind of sausage. Can you guess which one?

Girls eating hot-dogs

Tip: one of these is Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, one of them is from a vintage photo-site, and a third one is from a website called “food bangers”, from a photoset with the title “the 100% all natural man meat hot dog”.

The answer (still quite SFW) is after the break.

A = for Hillary Clinton. Bill clearly stated that he “did not have sex with that woman”, and even if he did, his fetish is for plumpy girls and cigars, not for putting his wiener into a sandwich. So Hillary is indeed eating a hot-dog here, although by the looks of her, it may have been quite a unsavoury one.

C was the vintage image of a girl eating a hot-dog. What a joy!

B is the one from (NSFW, be warned!). “Eat your way to orgasms” and “Food and sex, the two greatest pleasures known to mankind”, they advertise.
But, in fact, if you ever thought food and naked bodies make for an erotic spectacle, best NOT to click through… Oh sweet memories of films in the past that did manage to transfer the eroticism of food: Tampopo, Last Tango in Paris, Como agua para chocolate, Chocolat, even The Cook The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover … This is closer to La Grande Bouffe or the impossible Salò o le 120 giornate de Sodoma.

If after this post you can never look at a hot-dog in the same way as before, just imagine what some of their “showcases” such as “Chicken bang bang” (OMG), “Chili con cock” (yuck), “The Oriental Sex Buffet” (with sticks), “Pickled Penis” (a sour experience), “Vegetarian Vagina’s” (ouch!), “Honey Bunny” (sweet!), “Crepes à la Baby Batter” (lol), “She’s a shocoholic” (aren’t we all?) and lastly my favourite title “Cunt de Caviar” could do to your appetite.

Please not that I’m in no way affiliated to, and seriously doubt if I’ll ever be…

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