The Timeless 100 on YouTube (60-51)

Unrelenting, continuing, proceeding with finding Youtube-videos from the currently being unveiled Timeless 100 on Studio Brussel.

60: Metallica – Enter Sandman
Was at n° 85 in the list for 2006

59: Tc Matic – Oh la la la
Was only at 83 last year, but made a bit of a “remonte”

58 The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil
This one was at n° 65 last year

Live at Altamont in 1969:

57: The Rolling Stones – Angie
Was at 36 in the list for 2006

56: Muse – Newborn
New entry!

55: Radiohead – Karma Police
Last Year’s n° 50, going down.

54: Pearl Jam – Jeremy
Was at 59 last year, going up.

53: Bruce Springsteen – The River
Was at 53 last year also.
If completely honest, this track has to be in my personal top 5 always.

This a live version from 1985 in Philadelphia:

52: Oasis – Wonderwall
Was a tad higher in 2006, at 48.

51: Nirvana – Lithium
was at 64 in 2006

Live performance from Nirvana’s DVD Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!

To be continued on 50-41

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