The Timeless 100 on YouTube (50-41)

Ok, we’re in the middle now. 50 tracks done, 50 tracks to go in this Youtube-version of the Timeless 100 – edition 2007 – of Studio Brussel

50: Prince – Purple Rain
Was only at 81 in the edition of 2006

Prince seems to be enforcing his copyrights on YouTube very strictly: everything gets taken down.
Here’s a live version of the song, on Dailymotion:

49: Tom Waits – Martha
Oh so beautiful!
Was at n° 46 last year.

Not to be found on Youtube. 😦

48: R.E.M. – Losing my religion
Down from n° 38 last year

47: The Rolling Stones – Paint it Black
Almost a stand-still for this one (was at 48 last year)

Here with images from Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam war masterpiece Apocalypse Now

46: Led Zeppelin – A whole lotta love
Quite a rise – was at n° 78 last year – but had expected it to go even higher, considering the recent terrific London reunion concert.

Live from the Mothersip DVD:

45: dEUS – Nothing Really Ends
Slightly down from n° 41 last year.
Another of my personal favourites, and the first of 5 dEUS tracks

Unfortunately, no video. Her’s a live bit from the 01-10 concerts:

44: AC/DC – Whole lotta Rosie
The n° 45 of last year

Here’s a sizzling live version:

43: The Smiths – There is a light that never goes out
Was at 44 last year.
Strange that this has become the “Timeless” Smiths song. Certainly not my favourite Smiths-Song.

42: Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence
Strongly going up, from n° 70 last year

41: dEUS – Hotel Lounge
Was at 40 in the 2006 edition

On Google Video:

Next up: numbers 40 to 31

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