The Timeless 100 on YouTube (20-11)

Getting mighty close now, in this 10-part list of the Timeless 100 – edition 2007 – of Studio Brussel on YouTube:

20: Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Up one measly posiotion from last year’s 21

19: Pixies – Where is My Mind?
Down from 15 last year

18: Radiohead – Paranoid Android
This one up from 23 in 2006

17: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
Another Pink Floyd on the rise, this one from n° 22

Live in 1994:

16: dEUS – Roses
Down down, from 13 in 2006’s edition

15: Tool – Schism
Noise going up – from 19 last year

14: Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
Had gone down to n° 17 last year

13: Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
One place gained from last year

12: U2 – One
Fallen out of the top 10, was at n°9 last year

11: Pearl Jam – Black
Was at n°12 last year.

Live at Pinkpop:

Still to come, but most likely in reverse order:
smells like teen spirit – nirvana
mia – gorki
one – metallica
creep – radiohead
child in time – deep purple
alive – pearl jam
stairway to heaven – led zeppelin
suds & soda – deus
hallelujah – jeff buckley
a forest – the cure

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