Remember the milk, Mr. Microcelebrity links for December 19, 2007:

  • Remember the Milk – a simple but very useful to-do-list-manager which was available as a website previously – comes to Gmail. Seems to integrate really nicely in the interface of Gmail. Functions galore: integration with contacts, with mails (flag to make a mail a task), even with Google calendar (if you set a due date). How cool is that!
  • Microcelebrity is the phenomenon of being extremely well known not to millions but to a small group — a thousand people, or maybe only a few dozen. As DIY media reach ever deeper into our lives, it’s happening to more and more of us. Got a Facebook account? A whackload of pictures on Flickr? Odds are there are complete strangers who know about you — and maybe even talk about you.via
  • Refreshing take on the creationism vs. evolutionism debate: a brilliant animation with two movies. GOD’s creating gets an “scientific” approach. Darwin’s theory is presented as a kind of genesis. In the end, you can watch the two stories side by side at the same time. One fills in the gaps in the other…
  • Using Fluid, you can create Site Specific Browsers (SSBs) to run each of your favorite webapps as a separate desktop application. Fluid gives any webapp a home on your Mac OS X desktop complete with Dock icon, standard menu bar, and logical separation from your other web browsing activity.

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