Starting today, I’m a hero. No really, stop your laughter, I am a hero.

This blog was added to the portfolio of Adhese’s blogvertising product Enchanté! In their words: “Houbi is our latest Enchanté Hero. It is a sweet personal blog, partially in Dutch and partially in English. It is coming all the way from … Balegem … who said that only big cities should have their own blog? Aha! Check Houbi out and enjoy.

This doesn’t pay any bills as of yet, but it opens up this blog for advertisers who would want to depart with some hard-earned cash. Contact adhese, plan a campaign, and be sure to select in the targets.

As my kid Daan said today, playing in his Esprit-sweater with his Fortis-sponsored Plop-piggybank filled with soon-to-be-worthless eurocents: “let the money flow in”:

Daan en de Plop-spaarpot

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