Link-o-rama (3)


  • What the f***?
    “Fucking interesting” article by Steven Pinker about the shock-value of expletives at the The New Republic (via delicious)
  • What’s a crazier idea then wanting to dip into a jacuzzi on the summit of the Mont Blanc (altitude 4.807 meters)? Yet it has been done.
  • From small buildings to constructions shaped like flying saucers, you’ll be amazed at what some architects and builders have created.“: Architecture From Another Planet – 25 Incredible (Real) Abodes (via Presurfer)
  • Don’t shit on my doorstep“, “Don’t steal my food from the fridge, I spit in it” or “No parking, not 5 minutes, not 30 seconds, not at all!“, are all perfect examples of “passive-aggressive notes from roommates, neighbors, coworkers and strangers”, collected on this blog.
  • Better than CSI: An art project entitled “13 Months in the Year of the Dog“. From the author “We picked out two local news stories from newspapers in Wuhan, restaged the reported scenes, and shot large photographs of them. During this process, we brought our own imaginations and other everyday experiences such as the secondhand experiences we had obtained from films, TV and news photos into this project.


  • De Standaard doet met een aantal suggestieve vragen een gooi naar je percentage “unionisme”. Het mijne = 65% (Via Cabanier).

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