Talk to your daughter, before the beauty industry does

If you’re going to watch only one commercial this year, this one is not a bad candidate: Dove onslaught. “Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does”, is the message. Can’t help but feeling it’s kinda twisted that the sponsor of this campaign is Dove, who are themselves in the business of thigh-firming cream and skin lotion, but nonetheless: a powerful message. And a brilliantly edited movie!

As soon as she gets home this evening from her daycare, I’ll have a word with my daughter for sure!
Maud, sit down for a minute, I have something to say to you. No matter what anyone wants you to believe, no matter what the commercials and billboards say to you, you are you and that is a good thing. Don’t let anyone talk you into believing your eyes are a bit crooked or your nose is a bit thick or your thighs look like that man from Michelin, you’re beautiful just the way you are“, I’ll say to her.
“Da da, mmm oohoh mmmm iiiiiie” is her most likely answer.

Maud met ballen

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