Sick bay today: 2 colds, 2 bluetongues

The sickbay at my house is getting quite extensive.

Had to get up about 5 times this night because Daan is having a terrible cold, and only after giving him aerosol with Ventolin at 4AM this morning did he become quieter in his breathing and managed to get a few hours of uninterrrupted sleep.
This morning turns out that Maud also seems to have a cold and was quite feverish. If it’s the same cold as Daan, this’ll get much worse before it starts getting better.

Bad as it is, these are not the most worrysome sicko’s: it’s these two:

Sheep with bluetongue. Photo on Flickr

They were getting more and more lackluster the last week, and now Trui’s condition (she’s on the left) is getting worse and worse: not eating anymore, difficulty swallowing, not moving about anymore, drooling. And Trees (on the right) is also showing the first signs of that decline.

They probably have bluetongue! The contaminations with this viral disease seems to be taking big proportions here in Belgium, and the center of the spread is in the South-East of Oost-Vlaanderen. And I live smack-dab in the middle of that…

Spread of the disease in Belgium. Photo on Flickr

Cases of bluetongue in Belgium in 2007 (up till 28 aug).
Red dots=sheep. Blue dots=bovines.
Balegem: yellow dot, the arrow point to it.
Source: FAVV

The vet is coming in later today, but besides a bit of pain-killers, seems there’s nothing much that he’ll be able to do against the virus: just hoping that after 6 to 8 days of getting sicker and sicker, they’ll slowly start to recover. Statistics say they have a chance of about 90% of doing that. Else they die ;-(

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