Link-o-rama (2)

Quote of the month: “Twitter … is the latest evidence of the Paris Hiltoning of America. Twitter is always on, always looked at, and at a 140 character limit, doesn’t have the capacity to be either deep or meaningful.” (from the article “Twitter Nation, nobody cares what you’re doing“)

Wakoopa, might be an interesting way to discover interesting software. The principle: you share information about the programs running on your computer every 15 minutes.

WEBoggle, a version of the word-finding game Boggle that has been very well ported to the net. Just enter a nick and join a 4×4 or 5×5 game. The words are instantly checked on the grid and against a dictionary and after the game you get a neat overview of the words that you (or everybody else) missed.

Eat this, Koen Fillet … The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei, spiritual athletes redefine the term “ultrarunner.” artikel in Trail Runner Magazine

Must … read … up … on microformats. Must … read … up … on microformats.

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