Talk to the hand

Oh, what would I be without the wonders of the net (in this case Dailymotion – a better, european youtube – and the “highly influential” blogger Michel Vuijlsteke who spotted the film there): I totally would’ve missed the television highlight of the year: Gringo from VT4’s Temptation Island!

High on something really good (the same thing Ellen Feiss got before her famous Apple-ad, methinks), he receives the news of his girlfriend fooling around by changing his language (he switches from his usual West-Flemish accent to an even stranger-sounding Dutch) and by telling his girlfriend that she now “can climb up the highest coconut tree and pick nuts like a monkey” and that when he’ll meet her again he’ll tell her “talk to the hands cause the face don’t won’t to hear it anymore”, that he “from now on is single, and his number is 0473 xxxxxx”.

Talk to the hand(s)” is used here of course in a reference to Luc Besson’s “The Fifth Element”, not with the Jerry Springer trash talk most would think. Just look at the synopsis of this film : “Every five millennia, when three planets are in eclipse, evil is embodied and attempts to turn all light to darkness and all life to death. The weapon against this evil is is activated by bringing together the five elements of the universe: the first four are water, fire, earth, and air, and the fifth element is love, embodied in a Perfect Being.” And that’s what El Gringo just has lost. Deep. Deep…

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