Myspace song ripper

Too useful to be ignored: the myspace song ripper.
Easy as pie to get that song you love from myspace onto your computer:

  1. Find the url of the page a song you like is on.
    E.g. “The sun in your eyes” is by Tom Helsen, his page url =
  2. Go to: and past in the url you just found
  3. Watch as to how the service analyses the song material on the page, and offers you a convenient “download as .mp3” for each of the songs (try it, as long as it lasts. Their point of not being sued out of existence is that they are not hosting the audio, myspace is. Good enough for me!).
  4. Download the track you like (in this case, the track you’ll definitely like is “the sun in& her eyes”) with “save link as” (Firefox) or “save target as” (IE), and play away.

If you need more convincing of why downloading Tom Helsen’s “the sun in her eyes” is such an utterly brilliant idea, watch the Youtube-video for it. It made my day. Several times already!

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