Me … bows

Thank you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!! Yippee. Oh my… Well… sigh… Oh my. Thank you. I hadn’t prepared my speech, you know. But here I am. Only a month and a half ago that I started this here blog thingie. But here I am. Thank you!

Hitler, Ayatollah Khomeiny, Kennedy, me. What do they have in common? Time’s person of the year, all of them, including me, the winner of 2006.

Who would’ve believed that? I’m gonna tell my teachers from high school .. Yes I am … they thought I was no good, worth crap’ola … But I’ve beaten them to it. Victory is m.i.n.e! So long suckers & sayonara!, that’s what I have to say to them.

See you next year, because I’m only getting better at being me, year by year. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

On a more sober note: It’s quite alright for a magazine to be linkwhoring and stuff to gain back some of its lost importance & influence. But naming “You” the person of the year is definitely lame, and the equivalent of the boxing coach throwing the towel in the ring. Why not go choosing a person who really made a mark on this year?

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