Link-o-rama (1)

Postcard of the parthenon, in front of the actual parthenonCool Flickr set: landmarks around the world are photographed with representations of the landmarks held at exactly the same spot of the landmarks itselves. Sort of what happens with the landmarks themselves: the icon replaces the real deal. Belgium is represented with the Atomium & Waterloo hill. No sign of our n°1 cultural icon Manneken Pis though (via Reddit)

Web Design is 95% Typography, a statement that is at least 75% correct! Kinda sweet that the link, probably the original title of the article, states ” the-web-is-all-about-typography-period”. Not so .period. after all? (via Dzone)

Dove goes on with the crusade in favour of “natural beauty” with this cool commercial showing the power of photo retouching.

Mahir to Borat: I Sue You!

Lifehacker: “Top ten (non-Google) map innovations”. Some cool applications in there!

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